‘MEET MY FAMILY’ By Andy Marsden

This poem is about the strength/ impact of relationships with those we love, alongside their fragility. This is contrasted with the constant, everlasting relationship we have with our Heavenly Dad & the security of His promises.ANDY-MARSDEN-POEM
While my earthly Dad was alive, he was my rock. Then in February 2010, he was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. It was a colossal shock. Over a 20 month period, the dynamic changed as he needed to rely on me to take care of his needs – medical, practical, financial etc. During this time & in his subsequent passing, I had a real sense God was teaching me how I can trust in my Heavenly Dad – that He is my rock, my constant.  Before Dad passed away, I promised him I’d take care of Mum for him. It was a huge honour to reassure him he could pass this on to me. She has now moved from the nursing home where they were together to one local to me. I’m now able to visit her most days.
Alongside this,  my own health has been under attack. Not so long ago, when I joined HBC, I weight trained 6 times a week for 2 1/2 hours a day, was a deputy/acting head etc. My finances were secure, my health strong and my career looked promising. How things can change! I now have a blood disorder which means there’s an inadequate flow of oxygen around my body. I struggle to walk, am sometimes reliant on a mobility scooter & currently jobless as a result. The things I once found my identity & security in have been stripped away. I’ve come to realise there’s only one secure thing in our lives. I’ve lost my dad, my health, my job, am losing my mother to ill health & don’t know what lies ahead for me. My ability to read, walk, write, follow conversations etc is very unpredictable. In one sense, I’m wholly dependant on medical science to uncover the source of my problem & intervene. (My most recent treatment has scarcely been able to address my condition.)
BUT!!!!!! In this, in all of this, God has been beside me, providing for our needs & His promises remain. There is this hope & there is faith. There is a place for prayer & a different form of security.

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