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we are humanz logoThrough my personal projects I explore the themes around the idea that ‘If we encourage and enable each other to engage with our interests and ideas, and are helped to find a role involving those things, the world will be a more fulfilled and peaceful place’. I do that through writing, composing and drawing.  

I’ve started to release some of the music I create under the name We Are Humanz. You’ll find me on all major streaming services.

I’m developing ongoing community art projects here that people can easily participate in and be valued for what they can bring. I also run music making sessions, including song writing, as another way of encouraging the expression of ideas and values.

Music releases as We Are Humanz

apple music

The Demo Album

The demo spoken word album

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Make a Life

Make a Life

Make a Life Taking the unwanted and unused and giving it a chance to help make a new life. Everything deserves a chance to play its part and make a difference. This project is about refurbishing, up cycling and renovating objects and giving them the opportunity to be...

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