Creative writing course (16+)

6 session, weekly course starting on Thursday 21st April 12.30-1.30

Course has started but no problem still joining in! Only £15 for all sessions.

Run by Sunrise Productions.

Creative writing is about bringing your story to life. It doesn’t matter what your spelling is like or what your writing looks like! 

• Improves your communication skills with others in all shapes and forms. 

• Improve your thinking skills bringing all those ideas of yours to life. 

• Discover new skills within you, exciting and funny stories you may have forgotten. 

• You’ll be throwing your voice and thoughts into the future, but most of all it’s fun and easy.

6 week course only £15 starting on 21st April. (This is early bird price booked before 15th April –  £20 thereafter)

Limited spaces. BOOK A PLACE NOW with the email form.
Pay at cafe on the day.

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Creative writing course (6 session weekly course)

Please pay at cafe on first day. (£15 for whole course)

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