New identity for Acts. Kindness builds community.

“We believe demonstrating kindness is one way to encourage community and strengthen society. Both to the person acting and the person being assisted are uplifted via the process”.

The Acts team have concluded that few see their place as part of a larger community / society, and if they do, they need encouraging /enabling to find some expression to their concerns. So they have set up Acts to encourage and enable people to play the part they see needs playing, or by doing the thing that they see needs doing within their sphere of influence. Uniquely, they aim to enable the individual’s personal response to the need they see. Creating a better society by enabling the individual.

All elements of the identity are gathered for easy reference on a style sheet.

They have 3 types of act categories
Random – How can you make someone’s day a bit better?
Purposeful  This is about helping people with specific needs at a particular time.
Living and giving  Encouragements to think about how to live out kindness in everyday life. It could be that the thing you can give is your time and your skills to run an event. One act starts a ripple effect as another person experiences it.

The brief identified the notions of: Community, welcoming, warm, local, friendly, home made, personable, reliable, all age, professionally run.
Promoting kindness and building the community, Make a small difference to make a bigger difference. Its very human, more physical that cyber, communications aim to be face to face where possible. 
With a feel for being more Playful than Serious / Necessity not luxury / Approachable / More Light than Serious / More Home-made than High-tech / More Raw than Refined / All age