The Walk of Affirmation (WOA!) Teamed up with The Light Project (Glyn, Rachel and Izzy) and Holy Trinity Blacon and asked local people how they experience feeling valued. For people in Blacon, people felt valued through their relationships with family and by helping others. 

We looked at making a film or a street mural and finally decided on an installation which would be set up in a local building for local people to visit. The Walk of Affirmation  as a way of allowing people to be affirmed and valued as they walked through it. The wooden tiles with affirmations on playing the part of the voice of encouragement we all value.

The tiles asaid thing like: ‘I am enough’, ‘well done!’, ‘You’re amazing’, Thanks for being you’ etc.

Installed at Holy trinity Blacon, St Peter’s at the Cross in Chester and the Greenbelt Arts festival.

walk of affirmation sculpture
walk of affirmation sculpture
walk of affirmation sculpture comments

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