What is a brand identity?

A logo can only tell half the story. 

Its a great place to start with communicating what your product or service is about, but it can be strengthened by choosing which colours, fonts, images styles, graphics, positioning line or tone of voice you use alongside it.

All these elements form what you’d call your brand identity.

A consistent and unique brand identity helps you express what’s unique about what you do to your customers, even when you’re not there, making you memorable and ultimately more successful.

The process of creating a brand identity

Listening and discussing

Through discussion I’ll collect information about the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ of your product or service, so we can discover what’s unique about it in comparison to any competition. This forms the brief to work from in terms of working out what we’re trying to express. 

Visualising and refining

From initial sketches and discussion I’ll develop the best way of expressing those unique findings, with both a logo and a range of other identity elements as the budget allows.

Fully expressing

All the elements of your identity are collated onto a style sheet (a simple brand guidelines document), to create a brilliant reference for all your future marketing communications.

What are brand guidelines?

When all the elements of your brand identity are compiled onto a style sheet (a simple brand guidelines document) you’ll have a fantastic reference for developing all your communications from, no matter who’s creating it.

Examples of style sheets

Benefits of having a strong Brand Identity
  • Consistently communicates the uniqueness of your business.

  • Makes you memorable and ultimately more successful.

  • Customers understand what you’re idea is all about, even when you’re not there in person.

  • You look like you’re taking yourself as seriously as we know you are.

  • Becomes a business asset to be sold in the future.

Benefits of collating your identity onto an easy to reference style sheet.
  • Gives you a feel for what your communications might look like in the future.

  • Easier to develop communications in a consistent and professional manner – no matter who’s producing it.

  • A cost effective way of working when you invest in an identity while you’re developing a logo.

  • Employees can instantly get a feel for the uniqueness of the company and how that is expressed.

What’s the difference between a brand identity and a brand?

A Brand Identity is designed. Its all about how you look, talk, smell or even sound! (For example logo, colours, fonts, images styles, graphics).

A Brand is built over time by the actions of your product or service and is more like a promise of a service or an experience that garners an emotional response. Its rooted in your values, ethos and culture. It’s about the word or phrase that comes to mind when a customer interacts with you.

What is a brand promise?

Your brand promise could be anything from ‘happiness’, ‘luxury’, ‘simplicity’ or ‘clarity’. Customers will come back for more if they know what you’re all about and experience you in a consistent way. You just have to work on keeping your promise!

So, a brand identity is designed, a brand is built over time.

Brand Identity examples

Have a look at some Brand identity examples.


A thorough and unique service

Richard enabled us to express what our company was all about. This in turn, resulted in new customers for our business!

Happy Horse Bedding

Easy to work with and delivers great results every time

Richard has been able to capture and share what we want our message to be.

Felicity Smith
National Co-ordinator, FaithAction

A hugely creative process

We would highly recommend Richard both for the tailored service and professional outcome.

Glyn Jones
Light College

Richard did a brilliant job

His eye for detail and his professional results mean I would not go anywhere else.

Paul Reeve
Director & Principal Consultant, Silmetric Ltd

Great value in identity

Rich created a fantastic identity for Happy Horse Bedding and helped us develop all our communications including literature, packaging, website and social media.
Plus the identity was a valuable asset itself when we came to sell the company.

Mathew Davies 
Happy Horse Bedding

Great understanding, inspired ideas

Richard’s design work, customer service, attention to detail  &  patience are all FANTASTIC!
Great understanding, inspired ideas, awesome attitude & fast turn-around. We’re delighted!

CEO acet UK

Richard Coan

Everything starts with a conversation.