Gather to make music

Gather to make music. 10 of us. (3 children)  1.00pm to 3.30pm.

Tried the ‘half hour hits’ idea to generate lyrics. Also asked everyone to write down someone they liked or wanted to pray for – used these names in the ‘lift ’em to the Lord’ song which is written with gaps for that purpose. Started all playing a blues progression as a warm up. Sand Sarah song (I’m alive)…. did a few covers to get used to chord progressions. Used Meg’s  half hour hits lyrics and added chords, jammed it. added chords to Alf’s Lego song. Lucy also shared a poem. Probably needed a little longer to have a free jamming session just to see what

Rough recording of session

Sarah’s song is ace felt so blessed‘…. ‘Thanks for Saturday.  both really enjoyed it! thought it was really good, fun and relaxing but there should have been more cake!  You did a good job of us steering us…..’
Post event thoughts

Use ‘songs with holes in’ (inviting content from everyone to bring current thoughts into the time)… sing out and then allow song to become a jam (starting with song chords) inviting others to ‘take a lead’ and go where they want with it… making it their own. Maybe ‘all the guitars’ then all the piano… quiet, loud, new words… thoughts shared afterwards?

Record a ‘song with holes in’ (with holes in!) make available as a download for others to sing along to.

Creating and giving it away

Created this and gave it to a friend… I call it Nearly dawn. The act of creating to quickly give away sidesteps the ‘what is this worth, is this art, what should I charge, do I sign it’ questions.
The notion of praying and then creating something I guess means its a collaboration at least with the old omnipotent being, so I’m only on 50% anyway… is that taxable?. So there it is… the deed done.
Nearly Dawn -

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