Social Media Management Package

Creation, management and monitoring

Build meaningful relationships with your audience

Navigate the complex world of social media and build meaningful relationships with your audience. We’ve worked with a variety of businesses, from small startups to some of the biggest brands in the world.

  • Designed to match your brand identity and brand messages
  • Save time and be more effective with your social media in driving interest and sales.

Giddy with joy at all these graphics I am seeing!!! And just so you know, I use these brilliant graphics in our newsletter, too. I want as many of our audience members to see the brilliant graphics you are creating. 

Anu – PPC Founder

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Social media Management Package includes:

Social Media Strategy – a comprehensive plan that outlines an approach to engaging with your audience on various social media platforms.

Social Media Management – the ongoing process of overseeing and guiding your presence across social media platforms.

Community Management – engaging with followers, responding to comments and DMs, and keeping the trolls at bay. Making sure everyone’s having a good time.

Caption Creation and Tone of Voice – the art of crafting compelling, brand-aligned text for social media posts to engage and resonate with the target audience. The consistent expression of your identity and values through a communication style, ensuring a unique and recognisable presence across all social platforms.

Design and Image Creation for Postsa mixture photographic, typographic, graphic and illustrative styles created as high res flat images to reflect you brand identity and work with the caption creation and tone of voice. This range of approaches to your evergreen (and topical) content keeps it fresh and noticed!

12 (static) Posts a Month.

Created and Scheduled in Advance – to align with your brand identity and messaging.

Social media management Package Costs

Our standard package starts from £320 monthly, dependant on the complexity of posts (static or animated) and how much onboarding is needed to develop your social media ‘look and feel’ from your existing brand.

A thorough and unique service

Richard enabled us to express what our company was all about. This in turn, resulted in new customers for our business!

Happy Horse Bedding

Easy to work with and delivers great results every time

Richard has been able to capture and share what we want our message to be.

Felicity Smith
National Co-ordinator, FaithAction

A hugely creative process

We would highly recommend Richard both for the tailored service and professional outcome.

Glyn Jones
Light College

Richard did a brilliant job

His eye for detail and his professional results mean I would not go anywhere else.

Paul Reeve
Director & Principal Consultant, Silmetric Ltd

Great value in identity

Rich created a fantastic identity for Happy Horse Bedding and helped us develop all our communications including literature, packaging, website and social media.
Plus the identity was a valuable asset itself when we came to sell the company.

Mathew Davies 
Happy Horse Bedding

Great understanding, inspired ideas

Richard’s design work, customer service, attention to detail  &  patience are all FANTASTIC!
Great understanding, inspired ideas, awesome attitude & fast turn-around. We’re delighted!

CEO acet UK

Giddy with joy

Giddy with joy at all these graphics I am seeing! And just so you know, I use these brilliant graphics in our newsletter, too. I want as many of our audience members to see the brilliant graphics you are creating.


PPC Founder

Richard Coan

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