Group activities… if you’re interested?

We met up with friends (the Bradburns) to explore expressing something of God through some ‘play’ (using various materials).

  • It was introduced quite carefully in terms of not wanting to be threatened to people with the notions of needing skills to express something.
  • We started by praying for the time, for courage, and that we could be ourselves.
  • We asked if anyone been thinking about anything this week that they’ve enjoyed, found difficult, looking forward to, at school, at home, in work, or has a word, maybe something from the bible?
  • We then spent a little time experimenting together and having a play…. take your pencil for a walk. Blobs, colours, marks, shapes – doesn’t have to be anything (representational).
  • We then asked if there were any comments, and would anyone like to talk us though their image? (which they did!)
  • And eventually if their image was FOR anyone?


Comments were: life giving, encouraging time. Helped people express something not heard before.
If you’d like me to facilitate a small gathering in this way just drop me a line

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