The Play Experiment (‘I like to’ film)

The play experiment was a space at church where people could come along, create, and then discover how God can use that to make a difference.
We played, we experimented, we created, we then use those ideas, those things, to try and make a positive difference to the people around us. It ran I think until the end of 2014. I still like the idea though. Responding to the world in a way that makes sense to you and then discovering that God can use that to make a difference.
we made paper aeroplanes once. wrote random words or phrases on them (one being ‘sorry its late’) and threw them into the congregation. Someone was moved to tears and felt comforted in a time of need. Go figure.

Peckforton Castle exhibition giveaway

Peckforton Castle exhibition giveaway

Peckforton Castle wanted to encourage companies have their conferences at the Castle and wanted something quirky (in line with the venue) as a giveaway for visitors to thier stand to take away.

FOCUS concentrated on the details of the amazing building in the form of a quiz/greeting card, as a way of suggesting a huge focus on detail in terms of conference planning.


FLY YOUR COLOURS is an invitation to ‘invade ‘ the castle and flying your company colours from the ramparts! ‘State of the art facilities, historic views’. With fun flags or micro kites to take home (for the kids!)


SUPPLY ALL YOU NEED Highlights the unique nature of the venue and the attention to detail in supplying all your ‘needs’. In this case a Knights helmet!

All of them were designed to encourage the exhibition to take them home and play with them (probably  with the kids!) to make them memorable.


Online presence for Congo children’s centre

Client: Congo Children Trust

The Congo Children Trust approached us for an online presence for the Kimbilio children’s centre project in D. R. Congo. The site needed to be bi-lingual (English and French) and to be fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

We provided them with a comprehensive web site which they can easily update themselves. This ensures constantly-fresh content and very low maintenance costs.

We also supplied an e-mail newsletter system which allows them to send regular bulletins to subscribers, in English or French, at the click of a button.



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