Trinity churches approached us with the need for an identity for three separate churches to be able to work together under.
Through discussion we developed a brief that would form the basis of their identity development.

Brief:  (buzz words) Ambitious, contemporary, confident, fun, playful, professional, family feel, linking people together, confident, thriving, clarity.

Other comments: flexible enough to use with the creation of new ministries. Perhaps some sort of transferable icon…

We were than able to suggest logo ideas to develop into a final idea alongside creating a style sheet as a reference point for all their future communications.

The style sheet we created included the final logo, primary and secondary colours, fonts, image styles, tone of voice (in the copy).

trinity-style-flat-6801 TRINITY-LOGO-MASTER-2201

It’s since been referenced to create signage, leaflets and their Connect2 magazine. All their communications reflecting and reinforcing their identity.