Case study:

DreamSpace Creative. Encouraging creativity

DreamSpace Creative: Creative Brief outline

Any identity project starts with working with the client to clarify the idea, the vision, the mission. The why, how and what you might say. 

A brief description of that start point for DreamSpace Creative
Vision: That everyone’s lives are enhanced by the joy, hope and fulfilment of experiencing and creating art.
Mission: Create a space online where people can share their expressions for the encouragement of all. (music, visual arts). Affirming them in their creativity by valuing their work.
Plan: Develop website as central hub for collating expressions, include clients own expressions as show of authenticity by showing he’s creating space for himself too. Offer coaching to others to enable them to find space to create and give a space to share their work.
Logo buzz words: Presence, expression, life, space, freedom,
Feel: Uncluttered, primary colours, modern but raw, clean.

‘Reflective of the Hacienda club vibe from the 80’s’

DreamSpace Creative is an online space for artists of any level, that is dedicated to the promotion and sharing of original, life-affirming music, art and ideas. Congregate, make friends, collaborate and share your creativity with others.

They believe everybody’s life can be enhanced by the joy, hope and fulfilment of experiencing and creating art.  Encouraging everyone to find their DreamSpace.

Extra sub brand: DreamSpace Events

Created icon and new area on website for future development


Clarification of vision
Identity style sheet
Promotional literature
Website design and build
Facebook branding
Ongoing support and web development

Rich created a great identity for my website DreamSpace Creative. The logo is striking; a 3 dimensional letter ‘D’ with a doorway, encapsulating the idea of a creative space accessible to all. Rich really listened to the brief for the project and created a design that exactly matched the idea of creating space for music, art and creativity in all its forms. The striking yellow and blue colours, and the easy to navigate features, have made the website a joy to use. Thank you Rich


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