New book cover designs help authors launch work

New book cover designs help authors launch work

New book cover designs help authors launch next work

Any authors out there? Need a cover to make your book look as good as it reads?!

It’s a visual world and you’ve got to grab someone’s attention with your book cover. Only then can they appreciate the words you’ve slaved over on the inside! When I design a book cover for you I’ll also supply a FREE image of the mocked up book, like the ones on this page, so you can share images of your work with the world. This gives you a better chance of your book being seen and read by a wider audience.

Below is a guide price for book cover design for authors, but feel free to drop me a line and we can have a chat about budgets and timescales. Get your work noticed and appreciated.

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Guide prices

Design based on;

  • Discussion with author regarding content and possible theme or idea to focus on. Plus a notion of bold or subtle or fun etc.
  • Sketches (2/3 ideas)
  • Development of one idea into full artwork with the author’s thoughts involved in the process.
  • Artwork supplied to authors/printers specs.

Paperback book (Front, spine and reverse). Design and artwork: £200-£400.
(To resize a paperback to ebook proportions (eg Kindle 1000 x 1600) and supply as jpg is probably in the region of £50. If the proportions were the same then I’d just include it in the design fee.

Ebooks (just the front cover image). Design and artwork: £200-£300.


Special note for authors

Obviously there’s a certain amount of time investment needed to create something that reflects the content and looks professional, but I’m keen to make it cost effective for you too, so if you had a specific budget I’d be happy to have a chat and try and find a way to work together.

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